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1-“See You, See You”- Portrait of Carla Ricevuto

(Upright Bass by Thomas Julienne)

​2-“Dormire con I fantasmi”- Portrait of Maurizio Pometti

3-"Modernisme"- Portrait of Deforestation of Tropical Forest

(Tenor and E-Trombone by Kalun Leung)

​4-“Somewhere”- Portrait of a future piece of Art made by Grazia Inserillo.

​5-“Ce Balcon” - Portrait of Simon Denizart

(Piano by Simon Denizart, Upright Bass By Thomas Julienne)

​6-"E Qui Che Lascio"- Portrait of the departure from NYC

(Guitar by Dustin Carlson, voice by Carla Ricevuto)

​7-“San Rocco” - Portrait of San Rocco Contemporary Art Museum in Trapani (Sicily).

​8-"Cu ti lu Dissi” - Portrait of Julia Patinella

(Voice by Julia Patinella, Guitar by Dustin Carlson, Recorded Live @Parlor Owl in Brooklyn, 2019)

-All Compositions by Alix Tucou except n1 citation of "Lamentatio" by Giovanni Sollima, n5 co-composed with Simon Denizart, n7 cover of "Now O Now" by John Dowland, n8 by Rosa Balistreri.

Cover Artwork "Azolo" by Carla Ricevuto (Azolo on Canva 200cm x 200cm.

.Bass Trombone recorded in San Rocco Contemporary Art Museum (Sicily) between 24 and 26 February 2021.
-Piano, Upright Bass and Tenor Trombone recorded between Montreal, Paris and Interlochen (MI)
-Mastered by BJ Kalahann at Electronic Mojo Studio
-Mixed and Produced by Alix Tucou




After the success of his first solo album, Alix Tucou returns to the music scene with a new project by Technology and Bones.

The new work does not lose its original essence: the link that exists between humanity and technology and how the latter can influence the perception of a human being about what surrounds him. Now, everything is amplified through research aimed at weaving a strong relationship between music, a temple of abstract perceptions, and visual art, a place where thought actions are embodied.

With a  fusion of Sicilian and Arab Music, Ambient Music and Jazz and a strong emphasize on Deep Listenning and Bass Trombone Improvisation Alix composed "Portraits" . The album features prestigious guests met during his life between Canada, France and USA who bring their unique musicianships at the service of Alix's production inputting their own sensibility and skills:

 Thomas Julienne on Upright Bass brings his groove and foundations to the harmonies on “See You, See You” and “Ce Balcon”,Simon Denizart who co-wrote “ Ce Balcon” who grant us with his virtuosistic melodism on it,  Kalun Leung makes roaring his trombone through electronic treatments on “Modernisme”, Dustin Carlson on Guitar on “E Qui Che Lascio”   who plays on tone tensions  and Pink Floyd-esque ambiences and finally Julia Patinella with her soulful and  fascinating cover Rosa Balistreri's classic “Cu Ti Lu Dissi”.

"Portraits" is an all-round art container - a mental installation - which, as in Technology and Bones, dialogues and stimulates the listener to the inner "vision" of parallel images and scenarios.

Speaking of "all-round" means the possibility of admiring a work of art from multiple points of view - a 360-degree view - which also implies a shift in space and therefore in time. In "Portraits" this physical action changes into mental action because, piece by piece, the listener will view a series of portraits of things, people, places and experiences aimed at forming an art exhibition set up through the senses. Moreover, the space-time dimension, connected to the physicality of things and to the superimposition of the same, has exercised great fascination in artists such as Laurie Anderson: who, with her "Duets on Ice", from 1974, marked the timing of the “multiform” performance.

What makes this project unique is certainly the mix of iconic, abstract cube and post-structuralist dimensions. Alix Tucou deconstructs the literal meaning of portrait to insert it in an indeterminate but definitely pragmatic context. From an oxymoron, which is Technology and Bones, Portraits is born: concrete abstraction.


Official Photos (credit Carla Ricevuto):

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(…) "With my own compositions, I research ways to stimulate Imagination mainly. I see Imagination as another sense of perception of reality “(…)

From ArtNowAFterHours Interview 2021.

In this 2021 interview , Alix resume in fact one of the main conceptions he explores with his Bass Trombone and compositions for more than 25  years. The discovery of many different styles of music since age 21 after he finished his Undergraduate  Studies in the Bordeaux Conservatory , is a endless source of inspiration to craft his sound at the same time as his personality.

From 1999 , from  reggae to funk, he ends up playing and interpreting the music of Frank Zappa (LPJZ feat Ike Willis). He also participated in the creation of an electronic music collective (United Fools), while still continuing the Symphonic Orchestra  sessions (Bordeaux, Bayonne) and musical productions for theatre  and multiple electronic music projects . Since 2008, he has been known as a street  performance artist, both with a metal brass band (Pastors of Muppets) and an unreal and fantastic street ballet (Ulik et le S.N.O.B -Glisssssssssendo). He did also some Metal music projects (Year of no Light, Bagarre Générale) and played Jazz music (Eole Brass Band and Big Bands ). He had the great luck to play with those project  all over Europe , Middle-East , Africa , Asia and America for a discography of dozens of different collaborations.

After his stay in Montreal ( Canada) in 2014,  he extendshis various styles of playing and improvising with playing Modern Jazz Music compositions of his own.

He then settle  in New York in 2016 with frequent trips to Europe to perform and  continues to develop his musicianship and experiences with all that the Big Apple has to offer to a full-time musician from subway performances to the most prestigious clubs and concert hall of the City that never sleeps from Hot Jazz from 20's and 30's  to Cutting Edge Contemporary Music Music Performances and wish now to work on developping Technology And Bones as main occupation and sharing his view on Music and Art through performances and masterclasses.

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